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CAAUL Seminars

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Upcoming SeminarS 

11th Dec: Jose Carlos Fonseca  (U. Western Cape) - Probing the Universe with line intensity mapping
FCUL, C6.2.51 at 11:00

Intensity mapping is a novel technique to probe the distribution of matter in the universe. It has been very well studied in the context of HI 21cm emission for the SKA but not for other galaxy emission lines. The use of multitracers of the underlying dark matter distribution has proven to be a powerful tool to beat cosmic variance in measuring effects in the tracers power spectrum. I will discuss these methods and techniques as well as my work with Lyman-alpha intensity mapping.


11 Dec 2014
Jose Carlos Fonseca
Probing the Universe with line intensity mapping
4 Dec 2014
Aleksandar Mikovic (U. Lusofona)
Regge Quantum Gravity
25 Nov 2014
Ana Alonso Serrano (IFF-CSIC, Madrid)
Quantum Cosmology: Games without frontiers
20 Nov 2014
Catarina Bastos (IST)
Noncommutative Quantum Cosmology and Black Holes
13 Nov 2014
Ippocratis Saltas (CAAUL)
Reconstructing linear cosmological perturbations
28 Oct 2014
Vincenzo Vitagliano (Centra)
On the coupling between gravity and matter
14 Jul 2014
Diego Pavon (Barcelona)
On the interaction in the dark sector
8 Jul 2014
Diego Saez-Gomez
Extended Teleparallel gravities: general properties
7 Jul 2014
Tomi Koivisto (Nordita)
Non-local theories of gravity
1 Jul 2014
Diego Rubiera-Garcia (Paraiba)
The metric-affine approach to modified gravity
23 Jun 2014
David Mulryne (Queen Mary)
Multiple field inflation: Methods and models
9 Jun 2014
Orfeu Bertolami (FCUP)
Perturbations in theories with non-minimal couplings
2 Jun 2014
Joao Rosa (Aveiro)
Observational implications of mattergenesis during inflation
12 Apr 2014
Alberto Knone-Martins (SIM/FCUL)
O quarto paradigma da Astronomia?
5 May 2014
Prado Martin-Moruno (Centra)
Understanding the bi-universe
23 Apr 2014
Dirk Petry (ESO)
ALMA service data analysis and quality assurance with CASA
10 Apr 2014
Andra Stroe (Leiden Observatory)
Sausage and Toothbrush Clusters
31 Mar 2014
Huub Rottgering (Leiden Observatory)
LOFAR - Opening up a New Window on the Universe
31 Mar 2014
Carsten van de Bruck (Sheffield)
CMB observables and modifications of gravity
24 Mar 2014
Tomi Koivisto (Nordita)
Matters on D-branes
20 Mar 2014
Jesse van de Sande (Leiden Obs.)
Galaxies inside-out: A kinematic study of massive high-redshift galaxies
17 Mar 2014
Paolo Pani (Centra)
 Compact objects as dark-matter probes
3 Mar 2014
Manuel Silva (SIM)
Runaway stars as tracers of the spiral arms
24 Fev 2014
Yusei Koyama (NAOJ Tokyo)
Evolution and environmental dependence of star formation
20 Fev 2014
Jorryt Matthee (Leiden Observatory)
A 10deg2 Ly-alpha survey at z=8.8 with spectroscopic follow-up
17 Fev 2014
Polychronis Papaderos (Caup)
 LINERs and Lyman continuum photon escape
30 Jan 2014
Saul Kohn (Edinburgh, ROE)
The nature and evolution of Ha emitters at z~0.8-2.2 from HiZELS
27 Jan 2014
Jorge Rocha (CENTRA)
Holographic collisions in confining theories
20 Jan 2014
Pedro Raposo (U. Oxford)
(Des)Astronomia na Tapada
9 Dez 2013
Stefano Camera (CENTRA)
Pushing the limits of primordial non-gaussianity
2 Dez 2013
Filipe Moura (U. Minho)
Tensorial perturbations and stability of black holes in string theory
25 Nov 2013
David Sobral (U. Leiden)
From the first galaxies to todays Milky Way 
18 Nov 2013
Tiago Barreiro (U, Lusofona)
Interacting dark energy collapse
11 Nov 2013
Gonçalo Quinta (IST)
Black hole entropy through thin matter shells
04 Nov 2013
Francisco Lobo (CAAUL)
Geons, spacetime tunnels and time travel
28 Oct 2013
Pedro Castelo Ferreira
Describing local matter in an expanding Universe 
31 May 2013
Paulo Moniz (UBI, Covilhã)
(New) Borders for Quantum Cosmology
27 May 2013
Martin Stringer (Paris Observatory)
Galaxy properties as a fingerprint of cosmology
24 May 2013
Javier Peralta (IAA-CSIC, Granada)
Towards a general classification of atmospheric waves on Venus
06 May 2013
Halima Naimova (OAL)
Da Biblioteca ao Real Observatório de Lisboa
22 Apr 2013
Francisco Cabral (CAAUL)
Cosmological applications of space-time torsion
18 Mar 2013
Adalberto Fernandes (OAL)
A (im)possibilidade da comunicação de ciência
04 Mar 2013
Ugo Bertello (CAAUL)
The Newtonian limit of general relativity: implications for cosmology
04 Jan 2013
Hugo Messias (U Concepcion)
Herschel-Atlas and ALMA: An Einstein Ring of Molecular Gas and Dust
03 Dec 2012
Andrew Humphrey (CAUP)
Lyman-Alpha Blobs around High-z Radio-Loud Galaxies
29 Nov 2012
Jordi Casanellas (CENTRA, IST)
Stars as cosmological tools: from dark matter to modified gravity
17 Sep 2012
Nelson Nunes (CAAUL)
Three-form Cosmology
07 Sep 2012
Ana Laura Serra (U Torino)
Mass profile and member identification with the caustic technique
14 Jun 2012
Diego Pavon (UAB, Barcelona)
A thermodynamic motivation for dark energy
28 May 2012
Tomi Koivisto (ITA, Oslo)
Anisotropic Dark Energy
23 Apr 2012
David Oliveira (CAUP)
GPGPU Cosmological N-Body Simulations and other applications
10 Apr 2012
David Sobral (Leiden Observatory)
The 11 Gyr Evolution of Star forming galaxies
12 Mar 2012
José Manuel Rebordão (LOLS, CAAUL)
Amostragem em 2D: especificidades, dificuldades e aplicações
27 Feb 2012
Jacques Lepine (IAG, USP)
The physics of galactic spiral arms and their gravitational potential
13 Feb 2012
Mário Santos (CENTRA, IST)
From the Dark Ages to Dark Energy
30 Jan 2012
Mariam Bouhmadi López (CENTRA, IST)
Dark energy related singularities and their possible resolution
06 Jan 2012
Miguel Quartin (Instituto de Física, UFRJ)
 Interesting Anisotropic and Inhomogeneous Cosmologies
09 Dec 2011
 Pedro Gonzalez-Diaz (IMAFF, Madrid)
 Quintessential Covariant Holography
05 Dec 2011
 Philippe Brax (IPhT, Saclay)
 Modified Gravity Tomography
21 Nov 2011
 Stefano Camera (CENTRA, IST)
 ΛCDM Cosmology faces Oncoming Wide-Field Radio Surveys

The book of abstracts from past seminars (2011-2013) can be found here.
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